Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 6 in Room 16

This week we've been working hard on a couple of things: our writing has been to do with our science inquiry. We researched and wrote definitions for three key terms: renewable resources, non-renewable resources, and natural resources. We made triaramas and illustrated them to show examples of the types of resources defined.

Also, this week we finished our flower artwork! We started these during Samoan Language Week (Week 5) and used patterns on the petals inspired by Samoan Tapa cloth. Have a look below the cut to see some of our outstanding work!


  1. Love all this artwork! Lucy really enjoyed making her flower! They look fantastic :)
    (Mrs Beale)

  2. Room 16 your classroom is looking outstanding! How fantastic are your Samoan flowers - I LOVE THEM! They must have taken a lot of patience and resilience to complete. Well done.