Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Student Logins: Personal Google Accounts

Student online learning at school is managed under our school domain. Students are protected when using their designated school gmail account by our N4L filtering system. As per our school cybersafety agreement, this is the only account students are to use for their learning at school. 

Should students abuse this account by using it for purposes other than learning, they will lose access to their account for a period of time (up to a week in the first instance) as a consequence.

It has come to our attention that a number of our students, including younger students, have created their own google accounts/logins as a way around this. Because these do not operate under the school’s domain, we are unable to monitor their online activity as we are able to do when the children are using their school login.

Please discuss with your child if they have an alternate account. It is our recommendation that any child with a personal account has an adult at home monitoring it.

Students found logging in with alternate accounts at school are also in breach of the cybersafety agreement, and will also lose their login privileges as a consequences. We are being vigilant with this as our primary concern is for the safety of our students.

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