Friday, February 05, 2016

First Week Back!

Handwriting, Shuttle Runs, and in the library

What a fantastic first week it's been! Room 16 have been awesome at jumping straight back into classroom routines and learning. We spent much of the first day reminding ourselves of the school ICT and Chromebook rules so we could spend the next day setting up and learning how to use our devices. We haven't spent all week on our Chromebooks, though; on Tuesday we got into our exercise books and did some handwriting - Margaret Mahy's poem My Sister. One of our other highlights was fitness on Friday: the kids got right into the competitive spirit when doing their shuttle run races! (no surprises there, considering classroom House Points were on the line!)

Our PB4L focus this week has been "Do Good Because Good is Good to Do: Be a good friend." You can see our classroom poster below. Ask your child all about our new buddy bench which has been a part of our focus this week.

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